Learned of the existence of a device for reading maps in cars called the Potti Navigator, a sort of light cum magnifier device, not something I had ever heard of.

So, on the sailing front the weather was terrible this morning but it improved slowly but there was no wind to sail so we motored from Lochranza to Brodick Bay further round the coast of Arran, lovely spot. Amused by the name Cock of Arran which we sailed past on the way today, red sandstone cliffs. Saw a seal on the way, I love seeing them.

We moored up at a buoy which I'd not before, had to have a couple of goes at lassoing the buoy but got there in the end, Glen was very patient about it all and all good in the end. I like this way of mooring, no messing about with jetties, no pulling up of anchors and no risk of drifting.

A couple of friends of Glen's visited this evening, David and Lynne which was nice, they brought some Smartie cakes which were lovely, I ate two. The four of us sat out in the cockpit and drank tea, all very civilised but the weather changed quite quickly.

Went ashore in Brodick Bay in the dinghy which was a laugh, went into the shops for provisions.

Glen took his friends back to shore in the dinghy and then picked up fish and chips for supper which was great, really nice not to be cooking for once. So, all dark now and amazing to look out into the bay where the boats are swinging around and rocking about and yet it's lovely and cosy here on the boat, I like it. Not long ago, at about 22:25 saw a yacht setting off under power into the darkness, not sure I'd be brave enough to do that but I supposed if you know what you are doing it's Ok.

Looking forward to what I hope will be another good night's sleep.