5 May 2014

Nice bright morning and planned to do my usual ride up the Coll de Femenia which is exactly what I did. The ride went well and I almost (but not quite!) felt on top of the bottom gear I currently have available to me which is a 39/25. In the early part of the climb I felt definitely better than I have been doing and these regular climbing sessions are definitely paying off.

The rest of the ride went off without a hitch. I was amazed when I stopped for a drink and some energy bar to hear the call of a cuckoo! Back to The Duva in good time and then Lorena and I took the Brompton bicycles out for a spin along the sea front and then up to Pollensa where we had a coffee and some cake in the Cafe Espanol on one of the elevated seats we like, took some shots with the “selfie stick" which was good fun, certainly amused some of the observers! 2 coffees and 2 cakes came to €8.50, for the record.

Sat next to a guy who was having a smoke in the cafe and really enjoyed the smell of his cigarette I’d never dream of starting smoking again but somehow it smelled really nice, I’ve always liked the smell of fresh smoke and hated it when it gets stale and impregnates clothes etc.

Must remember that the best way to find the town square where the cafes are in Pollensa is to follow the signs for the Hotel Juma which seem to be on must of the roads on the edge of the town, should make it easier in the future. Excellent piece of chocolate cake in the cafe and the Cafe Con Leche was as always superb.

Over dinner we started to make some initial plans for the next holidays, and a few other things including getting the tandem over here, lots to do and I’m looking forward to it all.

This was us in the square in Pollensa, photo du jour :-)