After delaying our departure Glen and I set off for Kip Marina at 09:00. Good journey, easy conversation but unfortunately the weather has been absolutely terrible.

Stopped off at Tesco to buy some supplies and then to the marina which is lovely, as is Glen's boat, the Caledonia. Comfortable cabin to myself in the stern, Glen is in the bow and it's really very very comfortable indeed.

Generally relaxing time as because of the weather we have decided to stay in the marina rather than going out into the pouring rain and we will set off tomorrow, we intend to head generally North and explore some of the waterways and lochs up in that direction.

Interesting that Glen seems to be very happy to listen to other people's ideas and experiences. He had a very odd arrangement with all these old water bottles stored under one of the seats which he was filling up from a tap and then just using as and when. I suggested to him that this was not a good idea in terms of picking up bugs and it seems that Glen has in the past had tummy troubles after his sailing trips so that may well be the cause. We agreed to ditch the whole lot and go and buy some fresh bottled water and not recycle stuff, the water is dirt cheap and it's crazy to risk picking up an illness which can be easily avoided.

Called in at a theatre in Greenock and looked at a smal art exhibition, also a lovely building which I think was a customs hall, probably a busier place in the past when there was probably a lot of shipping coming in from the USA, that's just a guess!

Back to the yacht, watched some TV, the Commonwealth Games are on in Glasgow just down the road, quite strange to watch rain falling on TV and to be having the same weather here in the boat in the marina.

For dinner we had our BBQ chicken breast with some potatoes and carrots. Unfortunately I managed to leave the green vegetables behind in the fridge at home this morning which was a shame but it's no big deal.